We’re not so new anymore with projects coming in thick and fast...

We’re snapping them up and shaking up the entertainment world!

Hey, we established in 2019 and in a little under 6 months, we have secured some amazing performers, acts and movie scripts.

Everyone who’s a part of Whiterock Entertainment is seasoned in their field. Our work aligns us with some amazing talent. People who are the cogs and timekeepers work in unison to bring projects alive, on time and on budget.


I want to to be associated with a whiterock project

I want to to be associated with a whiterock project

Get Company and Brand exposure, get a return on investment and get the next generation on screen and on stage! It’s a win-win situation.

Many companies want to sponsor an event and we are happy to associate with brands and organisations. 

As long as the organisation fulfils our criteria and the criteria of the artist, we can speak about possible sponsorship. 

Have a look here at some of the performances and see if getting the positive attention of millions is any benefit to your organisation.

Whiterock Entertainment… Live stage acts and performances, Cinematic productions and movie releases.