ARTISTIC-LOSS RISHI IRRFAN WAJID of 2020 to date that ripple through our industry and we still haven’t recovered.

The year 2020 has been a cruel year for the whole world. The Covid-19 pandemic has swept the world and arrogantly taken our focus away from people who were fighting other battles, battles before corona. Everyone has suffered on some level, some more than others.

We still sit here in shock at some of our peers and leaders in the arts who have left us in a haze. Notable losses Like Rishi KapoorIrrfan KhanWajid Khan, Asif Farooq, Athar Shah Khan, Zara Abid, Nisar Ahmed… we could go on and on.

We all know and love Rishi Jee. A legend and such presence on screen. Romantic hero, staggeringly attractive, spent his life in Indian Cinema with roles varying from Romeo to later father figures and one of his most memorable for some, being one of the best villains in Hindi cinema as Rauf Lala in the Agneepath remake and his portrayal in D-Day, a movie also featuring Irrfan Khan. We can sit and write and reminisce for the rest of our lives on all that this one man has given.

Irrfan Khan was another shock. His engaging and perfect representation of character roles as diverse as in the movie Maqbool to his comedic and cheeky timing in Piku, Irfan Khan not only brought relation and rapport to his characters but also showed that the roles were almost purpose built for his talent to be showcased.

The most recent death in our industry, Wajid Khan, behind the scenes and subtle involvement which propelled a movie to new heights. Bollywood is known and loved for its songs and that is all because of hardworking artists like Wajid Khan.

Wajid Khan composed and directed. He gave direction. Wajid Khan and Sajid Khan, brothers lovingly known as one “Sajid-Wajid” in the industry gave us memorable movies and compositions like, Dabangg, one of the biggest blockbuster movies out of Bollywood.

Bollywood has the highest number of releases worldwide, with a vast range of actors and artists, making thousands of films a year, the gap which these three and others have left will be filled, it’s the nature of the business… but they will not be forgotten and we at Whiterock Entertainment will remember their contributions and our meetings with them.

Stay safe everyone. Wishing you safety and caution now that lockdown has been lifted and we’re teetering out into the big world again.

All the best, #whiterockentertainment.

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