Positivity, Dedication and Humility, are these the secrets to Anurag Kashyap’s success?

Yes and no…

Hey, this is whiterock entertainment, and we’re doing a birthday shoutout to one of our fav’s.

“Happy birthday Anurag Ji! (blows party baaja) 48 today. Almost half a century!

Positivity, Dedication and Humility, yes, these are probably the tuning precipices for the success that Anurag Kashyap is, but you need bags of talent… oodles of it, and you need to be able to tell and structure a story.

Whilst story telling may develop over time with practice, sometimes, there’s a star inside waiting to burst out and the dedicated and copious writing Anurag Kashyap would sit and do was just the fine sanding and gilding he was doing before the star presented itself.

Take the birthday guru’s lessons he has already lived before you, learn from them, these lessons come from years of experience and a wealth of understanding.

Anurag’s background is of logic. He was studying to be a scientist in the early 1990’s and it was during his gap year in 1993 that he fell in love with theatre and cinema. He realised this was his calling. Love usually is!

Like every other budding star, he too believed Mumbai was the catalyst to getting into the industry. So he packed his bag of books in 1993 and headed to the big city, alone, not knowing anyone, with 5000 rps in his pocket.

He headed to the Pritvi theatre where a world of people waited outside. Here, the industry insecurities and the nepotism were his first battle… he wouldn’t break into the industry, it was only for those already in the industry!

Here, Anurag Kashyap learned something fast and realised something very valuable and ironic. The most value he could bring for now would be for Free. Anurag offered to serve tables, read parts as a stand in and clean the premises all for free. Who could turn down free help? This was a smart mind calculating the probabilities of a long term investment. This was a foot in at the Pritvi Theatre when everyone else would wait outside wanting work.

Anurag’s biggest skill was to write, he could write 100 pages in one sitting, so he’d also write for free. He was knowingly honing his skills on a live test bed, and the industry was getting free writing. It was a winwin situation.  He soon established a reputation for being the guy who writes for free and for no credit. It was genius marketing.

Over a period of 5 years, slowly the industry recognised Anurag’s talent and started contracting him and affording him the deserved credit for his talent. The years that followed, Anurag stuck to his passion, wanting to break the mould and bring the audiences something different. He didn’t want to be a part of the same system churning out repetitive loops… he wanted to bring meaning to cinema. He had raw stories and real life he wanted to portray.

… Roll on to 2020 and Anurag has brought such diversity to the industry, that it’s hard to name someone of similar elk who has been so revolutionary so early. Today everyone wants to do something “different”.

Walking his journey, Anurag has three fundamental lessons we can learn from… three very poignant and common sense virtues that unfortunately are not so common.

  1. Be positive.

Contrary to urban legend… this is not just a blood type! Be positive, stay positive and remain focused in what you are aiming for. What you should be aiming for is being the best you can be.

Very early on while at Pritvi Theatre, Anurag realised the bitterness in the industry. The resentment people would have against established people. It was always about what they did not have, rather than what they possessed and did have.

This would stop people doing things they already self-believed that they were not capable of doing – so he distanced himself from them and this mentality. Anurag wanted to be a doer.

  1. Dedication

This is your passion, this is your chosen path and you will put all you have into this, and find ways to make it happen.

Anurag wanted to make his first short. The only digital camera at the time was with MTV, and the cameraman wasn’t going to be an easy sell. Anurag offered the cameraman a roll in front of the camera, and the prestige of being an actor was too much for the cameraman to resist. Anurag got his camera shooting for free, and an actor too!

He would shoot undercover, he would shoot long shots at a distance to get the scenes he wanted. This would give the feel he wanted for his movies.

Another time Anurag shovelled 28 bags of pigeon droppings from a property and redecorated it for the owner just so he could shoot there for free… this is dedication. Who else has shovelled sh** literally to get where they are?

Anurag saw the end goal… he stayed dedicated.

  1. Humility

Things happen, the industry is a sine wave of successes and failures, keep your damn feet on the ground. It’s easy to get big headed when you’re successful and let it carve your road, but stop, take stock of what is what and remember your starting point. Don’t get ahead of yourself, and don’t get over ambitious. Work with what you can handle.

Three lessons that everyone in the industry and out of the industry can learn from. The world doesn’t owe you anything, you have to get out there and do it yourself. Stay within your ethical domain and achieve greatness. You too can break the mould and get into the industry….

Final words? “You want to be a movie producer? What is stopping you?!?” Everyone today has access to a camera today in the palm of their hands. Nothing at all should stop you from doing what you want.

Anurag Kashyap, you are truly an inspiration to us. Happy Birthday Sir. We listen, we learn, we thank you.

Whiterock Team.

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