What we do

"we trust Whiterock Entertainment because they deliver!"

We work very closely with the long established Rockonmusic UK. Whiterock Entertainment established in 2019 and have promoted and secured some amazing performers, acts, and movie scripts.

Everyone who’s a part of the Whiterock Entertainment family are seasoned in their field. Our work aligns us with some amazing talent. People who are the cogs and timekeepers work in unison to bring projects alive, on time, and on budget. 


To date, we have been blessed to be able to deliver the concerts and shows we have delivered so far and bring joy to so many people in such a short amount of time.

Whiterock Entertainment have fast become a reputable events delivery company specialising in South Asian entertainment. We work with superstars and performers to bring shows, concerts, movies, and dramas to the fans that want them. Based in the UK with satellite offices in Pakistan and India, our reach is global! 

We work closely with Sonty TV to bring Bollywood and Lollywood to you. Artists like Arijit Singh, Rahat Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, Neha Kakar, Pawandeep Rajan, and many other great superstars are set to perform for you in the coming year.

As well as concerts, we are involved in Film Production, Film Distribution, TV Commercials, Dramas, Television Advertising, Airtime Distribution, Digital Marketing, Digital Media Creation, Movie Shorts, Script Writing, Project Financing, and Artist Management.

Whiterock Entertainment work specifically with companies looking to achieve their target social responsibility goals by giving them avenues to invest in projects which inspire a generation. Get in touch if you want to achieve your CSR goals. 


TV Commercials

Its been more than five years since Whiterock Entertainment has been in the Production business. Successfully, our team has managed to develop unique and amazing TV and digital commercials. And many more in the loop…


We are backing some amazing talent this year to shake up the box office.
These opportunities don’t present themselves every day so we’ve
shaken hands with some honourable names.


Whiterock Entertainment proudly presents one of its kind movies ever made in South Asia, that covers the subject of cannibalism. The film is based on true events that occurred in Pakistans various cities.